Retirement homes

Following the Second World War, the International Office for Refugees (I.O.R.), forerunner of the High Commission for Refugees (H.C.R.), requested the A.A.A.S. to take on the management of retirement homes aimed at retired refugees of Armenian origin with low income.

The I.O.R. together with the Gulbenkian Foundation awarded the AAAS a material grant, enabling it to acquire its first home in Andilly in the Val d’Oise region. This was the first step towards the setting up of a larger network.

In 1953 the Montmorency Home was established. It was to be completely renovated and modernized in the eighties. In 2004, the reception area and the offices were also fully renovated.                      

In 1959 the United Nations High Commission for Refugees asked our organization to take over and administrate a retirement home in Saint Raphel (Var). It was later to become the Home Arménien (Armenian Home), which is well-known all over the French Riviera.                                                                

In 1982 the AAAS closed the Andilly home which had become too small. We acquired a new property to create the Retirement Home l’Eglantier in Gonesse, where the residents can enjoy improved living conditions in a more comfortable and safer environment.          

On 8th June 1956, the French authorities acknowledged the importance of our organization by granting the title of “beneficial to the public at large” by governmental decree.